Olay: Total Effects

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Australia
Creative Director: Steve Back
Art Director: Rudi Vranken
Copywriter: Cathy Mattick
Production Company: Luscious international
Director: Sebastien
Executive Producer: Andrew Morris
Producer: Lucas Jenner
Published: July 2010


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Honest? She freaks me out.

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Shadow Ops
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Who's been starring this ad...oh...the people who made it I get it. The VO and Music track together make this spot seem frantic and exhausting. I wonder if it would be better trying something else.

Let's keep advertising fun

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Reality Check
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Not up to Saatchi & Saatchi's standards.

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@Reality Check

You and I think alike! :) I too think that this is not up to Saatchi's standards, and I love Saatchi.

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This could of been simplified a lot. And yes, what's up Saatchi?

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personally i wish they had done something more exiting, but i think this one is effective though

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This ad will get cut through cos it's real - as opposed to over glorified beauty shots - it's something we can all relate to

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Its great. Simple but clear concept and it looks great, but still feels real.

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really goooood!!

Abduljaleel. Anodiyil

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nice mainstream spot.

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Happy Housewife
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Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

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Simple concept of the commercial makes it more understandable and makes the product more worth buying. The brand itself is a household name already.

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