Nutro: What's real

Advertising Agency: BBDO, San Francisco, USA
Executive Creative Director: Mike McKay
Creative Director Copywriter: Jack Harding
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Page Kishiyama
Producer: Lindsey Wood
Account Services: Raquel Cucurella, Brianna Chown
Director: Iain Makensie
Production Company: Paydirt
Executive Producer: Joanthon Ker
Producer: Skot Bright
Editorial: Union Editorial
Editor: Einar
Producer: Rob McCool
VFX: Resolution LA
Mix: Play Santa Monica
Music Company: Human

August 2011


andylefty's picture
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The messaging didn't strike me quickly because I started thinking of The Truman Show and forgot about dog food.

It feels like there's a disconnect between the ad and the product.

The eerie feeling of finding the stick in the artificial sky then makes me feel slightly odd about the food.

atb2005's picture
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Total disconnect between the ad and the product. The weirdest dog food spot I've seen.

pierrelastname's picture
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No, isn't great. There is a print campaign that got Cannes with same resource.

Geimima's picture
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it got power

life is a playground

nepotiums's picture
251 pencils

Well, to be honest. This ad has is really lame. I see no rationality in the dog food and the stick getting stuck in the artificial sky, unless there is some subliminal meaning behind this advertisement.

Temple's picture
11323 pencils

Like it. Also, singularity fanatics will adore it.

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VampAd's picture
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I love Truman Show and i love this Ad.

VampAd's picture
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Connection problem, sorry.

Lawson Hembree's picture
Lawson Hembree
444 pencils

Not too shabby... now if only they would use the creativity behind this spot to come up with some new packaging for the food...

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