Nomad Skate Board: Violinist

The three spots, directed by Diana Kunst, for Garlic Productions, reflect the parallels that exist between highly respected professions and the world of skateboarding: A series of interior dialogues that prove there's no difference between the two worlds. A scientist experiments and investigates until he gets the desired results, just like a skater learning a trick. An accomplished violinist practices endlessly with his wooden instrument, refining his technique and the skater does too. The policeman, through his dedication and bravery, is also connected to the life of a skater.

Advertising Agency: Lola Madrid, Spain
Creative Directors: Juan Sevilla, Tomas Ostiglia
Director: Diana Kunst
Production Company: Garlic
Published: April 2014


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Shot beautifully, but the whole campaign idea is pretty basic.

An axe murderer of ads.

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Not a bad insight, but a little predictable.

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beautifully created !


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christian bale
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Just amazing.

Copy or die.

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Advertising in funnier than making weapons.

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