Nokia: Little Amazing Show, London

More sunshine? A smile from a stranger? Sharing a skill you learned from your mum? What would make your day that little bit more amazing? When you start looking, life’s full of good reasons to bounce out of bed in the mornings. But just in case you need a bit of inspiration to turn humdrum days into happy occasions, we’ve created The Little Amazing Show to start your week on a spectacular note.
Every Monday, the Little Amazing Show brings you sweet tunes, street philosophy and simple ideas to help you see all the little amazings that are happening around you. What happens when you think like a kid instead of an adult? Find a piano in the middle of a crowded Berlin train station? Or spot a seesaw on London’s Southbank? The amazing calls. Join us for some little ideas to make your day more amazing.

January 2012


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I love this whole campaign!! It takes such a heartfelt approach to building a phone's personality... what a lovely way to start the week!

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Ok, ok, this whole campaign is growing on me. Nice. Not a main event but very nice. - Film Production Management

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Makes me smile. Definitely smart... Has a very sentimental feel.

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Nokia tune kya kia?

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