Nissan X-Trail: Adventure calling

Advertising Agency: TBWA\G1, \Else, TBWA\Paris, France
Creative Director: Rudi Anggono
Creatives: Fabio Abram, Braulio Kuwabara, Joy Robin, Kiminori Suzuki, Carina Wachsmann
Accounts: Ewan Veitch, Tomas Olabarri, Aurélie Crespo, Caroline Allard, Nathia Kisovec
Head of TV production: Maxime Boiron
TV producer: Ghislaine Byramjee
Post-producers: Ghislaine Byramjee, Mélanie Bernard
Production: WANDA
Director: Paul Hunter
Director of photography: Darius Khondji
Producer: Jérôme Denis
Line Producer: Romain Cavagnac
Post-producer: Vanessa Koscianski
Executive Production: Means of Production
Post Production: Mikros


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How cliche.

An axe murderer of ads.

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How lame.

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What exactly is lame about it ?
Maybe you're wrong, maybe you're right, but it's not really a constructive argument to just say "it's lame" without explaining why.
If you think it's not good, describe what makes it not good so other people can understand why you feel that way.
(Not attacking or anything, but I'm still a bit new to the world of ads, so I'm trying to understand what makes a "good" ad or a "bad" one)

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How idiotic.

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