Nissan: Stay awake

Production company: Director: Philippe André / Wanda

Advertising Agency: TBWA\G1, TBWA\Paris, France
Creative directors: Eric Holden, Alasdhair MacGregor, Rémi Noël
Creative team: Adam Kennedy, Brandon Rochon
TV Producer: Guillaume Faurel
Account Management: Ewan Veitch, Celine Duval, Célina Eude
FX: Mikros
Music: "Twinkle Twinkle" performed by Fredrika Stahl
Producer: SONY MUSIC France
Executive Producer: \E\E\Else">\E\E\Else
Publisher: SONY ATV France

September 2010


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Seems that only the mouse and the transvestite were happy to see the car. And that music...suicide...for the driver.

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Jaap Grolleman
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I always thought the Nissan Micra was the car where the designers just couldn't stop adding stuff, that car has got so much detail, it's pretty ugly.

But this ad, true to that Nissan philosophy, lost a whole lot of elegance for having too many elements. The animated toys, the policeman with pepeprspray? The dragqueen? C'mon. Apart from all that, I think it's too lengthy.

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got a response from me. but i dont think it was the right response. made me think of my mommy, it a twisted sort of way.

Hibon's picture
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This is more like a mood. So what for the brand? boring !

Simple ideas are the best !

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I liked the spot. It was very atmospheric. Beautiful cinematography, soothing music. Kudos to the French for including a drag queen.

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i think it was gonna be perfect if it was an electric car

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i mean awesome footage and slowmotion and lighting, but what is this !?

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I have to agree with Blashyrkh about the music, and with Jack about the length (and the uglyness of the car!). I used to like the Nissan-spots but this one is a failure. Nevertheless 4 stars for some of the details (the 'coming' washmachines...)

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I'm really tired to see again the same idea.

A car, full of energy, that "energizes" the city.

OMG that's really new and astonishing...

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Ad is about making things evolve. However nothing prevents you from inspiring from very basic ideas, then giving them a new way to feel them.
Here we have some astonishing stuff directed by Philippe Andre who also directed Peugeot "Toys". This is very sensible work within each ideas are challenging themselves. With a "best use of music" for sure.
Moreover, i'm have nothing to do with this work.

Joseph Dubruque,
Havas City (betc)

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Me resulta familiar

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Monsieur Joelapompe, are you paying attention? This is another one for your collection, thanks Profesorcito!

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