Nissan Frontier: Mountain Ride

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Rob Schwartz
Creative Director, Americas: Tito Melega
Associate Creative Directors: Jason Locey, Nik Piscitello
Managing Director: Jon Castle
Account Directors: Ben Muldrew, Bonnie Schwartz
Management Supervisors: James Aardahl, Val Tyll
Account Supervisor: Liz Lefler
Account Executive: Elisa Kupferschmidt
Assistant Account Executive: Kelly Glover
Account Group Assistant: Andi Lichtenfeld
Product Strategy Director: Joel Weeks
Sr. Product Strategist: Mark McNaul
Senior Planner: Christine Schnaitter
Executive Director of Integrated Production: Richard O'Neill
Executive Producer: Elaine Hinton
Producer: Katie Lambrecht
Assistant Producer: Katie Johnson
Traffic Coordinator: Malika Jones
Production Company: Harvest Films
Director: Baker Smith
Head of Production: Rob Sexton

Executive Producer: Bonnie Goldfarb
Executive Producer: Scott Howard

Producer: Vincent Oster
Production Supervisor: Tanya Stephens
Asst. Production Supervisor: Melanie Melnyk
Assistant Director: Brad Stevenson
2nd Assistant Director: Patrick Farrell
Director of Photography: Chris Soos
1st AC: Lisa Byall
2nd AC: Carrie Lazar
D.I.T.: Brandon McKenzie
Editorial Company: Venice Beach Editorial
Executive Producer: Hunter Conner
Editor: Rich Shambaugh
Assistant Editor: Eric Rusch
Visual EFX Company: Zoic
Executive Producer: Ian Unterrainer
Producer: Jennie Burnett
Visual EFX Supervisor: Steve Meyer
CG Supervisor: Andy Wilkoff
Special EFX Company: Robot Repair
West Coast Creative Director: Doug Darnell


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603 pencils

It's a bit annoying somehow. Made me feel cheap, like an ad for the sake of fillng up space. - Film Production Management

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603 pencils

Again. Does it really take this many people to make this crap? Alot fewer could have done a crap enough job. - Film Production Management

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34103 pencils

100% right, this ad is pure space filling junk.

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Not bad. Nice idea

Temple's picture
10845 pencils

Feels like recycling a viral idea that was cool 3 or 4 years ago.

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1063 pencils

Maybe next time Nissan, maybe...

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it reminds me the Hubba Bubba slogan: "blow it out of proportions" :-))


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Nike Diesel
13389 pencils

"Let's make a viral video". Sorry, but this is outdated and lame.

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Maybe it is old, recycled, and a bit boring. I still like it though. I think it is fun and still gives us our fantasy of doing awesome things some hope. I just watched this on TV last night and told my wife how I enjoyed it.

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Not great.

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somehow the proportions of the truck to the slope were off which made it look even more unrealistic. either way i didn't like it... i did however like the disclaimers.

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mitali prasad
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why guys...i liked it....the guy seemed to have enjoyed riding in the snow...

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Feels recycled because it is...from Toyota and Saatchi:

Yarp's picture
387 pencils

Did a little digging...Also done by the same director. Bah!

Check the credits:

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Really really really don't like these. They're just lying. And this particular one is terrible CGI.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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