Nike: Superstitions

Art Director: Fernando Vallejo
Director: Fernando Vallejo
Producers: Joshua Fulton, Marisol Aragon
Director of Photography: Ricardo Gale
Production Designer: Diana Kramer
Editor: Ethan Mitchell
Edit House: The White House
Song Artist: Devendra Barnhart
Song Title: "I Feel Just Like A Child"

March 2011


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Reality Check
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Isn’t a bad Nike advert, simply an unspectacular one, which might be a more damaging statement.

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@ Reality Check

With all my respects, I think you are not into sports. This is not a spectacular Nike ad but it's a REAL one. Anybody who play sports or is a fan of a team they can see themselves in this ad. It's a wonderful approach for Nike to connect with real people.

I really liked the creativity, liked the music and it was very well directed.

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