Nike: Go all the way

Advertising Agency: Jakob Pietsch, Vienna, Austria
Copywriter: Kasia Baginska
Director: Manes Dürr
DoP: Mario Minichmayr
Producer: Jakob Pietsch
Music: Karwan Marouf

December 2015


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Not that special.

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Reality Check
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What’s missing in Nike: Go all the way – and this is a major, critical flaw – is a fresh approach, a Nike ad that doesn’t build toward a climax you’ve already seen, played out in practically the exact same way. That’s the kind of failing that a lot of viewers will overlook while they get caught up in the undeniable inspiration the advert delivers. But in hindsight, as you play the film back in your mind, the huge lack of imagination and freshness become more obvious.

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An axe murderer of ads.

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Agree, as an inspirational video with solid v.o., it totally works. As a creative ad, it fails.
You might have follow your lead on the failure-restart thing and exploit it more.

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