NHL: Camalleri

Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam NY, USA
Executive Creative Directors: Scott Vitrone, Ian Reichenthal
Creative Director: Cliff Skeete
Associate Creative Director: Bruce Jacobson
Art Director: Evan Benedetto, Adolfo Alcala
Copywriters: Cooper Smith, Nick Terzis, Jan Jaworski, Patrick Conlon, Anthony Falvo
Edit: Steve Bell / Cosmo Street editorial
Sound and mix: Phillip Loeb / Sound Lounge


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There's only one thing to add: GO HABS GO!

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Really like the concept, but it ends flat.

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Lots of creatives made this, apparently.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Cesar Hector
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I think it happens to capture the essence of the sport but didn't really made enjoy it or even feel that special electricity coming up to my brain, so for the good idea and the essence of Hockey, I'll give it a 7.

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