New Zealand Telecom: Wait is over

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New Zealand

Executive Creative Director: Antonio Navas

Creative Director: Nathan Cooper

Creatives: Arnya Karaitiana, Phil Hickes

Agency Producer: Jane Oak

Business Director / Planner: Ben Fielding
Account Director: Jen Murphy
Account Manager: Kate Taylor

Production Company: GoodOil

Director: Michael Spiccia
Cinematographer: Crighton Bone

Executive Producer: Juliet Bishop
Production Designer: Guy Treadgold

Editors: Drew Thompson, Michael Lonsdale

VFX Supervisor: Nick Ponzoni

VFX Executive Producer: Anya Kruzmetra

Music Composition: Elliott Wheeler / Turning Studios

Audio Post: Franklin Rd
VFX Studio: Blackbird

July 2013


certaintly's picture
3994 pencils

they sure made waiting look beautiful..

thedesignaddict's picture
5403 pencils

It's hard not to think of the Philips Carousel Commercial when watching this.

monoliz's picture
1304 pencils

not only phillips, but halo 3 as well.
it's beautiful, but i don't find that effect in commercial appropriate for "waiting". no

kleenex's picture
40714 pencils

long but solid ad.

miko1aj's picture
3086 pencils

oh, c'mon. I'm pretty sure Carousel or Halo 3 were not the first ones which presented waiting in similar way. It's greatly executed ad of solid, simple idea.

TexasH's picture
365 pencils

Beyond Carousel/halo 3 debate, is "waiting" still a good message for an ultra-speed network nowadays?
I mean, 5 years ago, we had to wait to download, to stream...but now, contents are pretty fast.
So sure, we'll upgrade from fast to ultra-fast but i feel like "wait" (even more illustrated by a "freeze situation") isn't a good insight anymore.

Otherwise, the film looks great. ;)

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