New Mexico Tourism: Sick Day

Advertising Agency: M&C Saatchi Los Angeles, USA
Creative Director: Martin Dix
Copy Writer: Craig Ghiglione
Art Director: Jay Gundzik
Production Company: Epoch
Director: Matt Asselton
Editorial: Adam Parker/Chrome
Visual Effects: Ring Of Fire
Sound Design: Sam Casa/Lime


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Hello, old Fedex alien??
and "The best place in the universe" is pretty stale, certainly when done like that.
though it's also cute in a way.

Brophy's picture
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Great dialog.
I got into a heated argument with my art director about whether this rips off the FedEx Jenkins spot. I still say no. It's just the same costume, and if any one should be pissed, that person is Ridley Scott.

klaussnow's picture
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yeah but you got an office situation and Alien, I'd say its too close for comfort.

... its already been done...

roman-schwienbacher.com's picture
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no long playing around, or intellectual blabla.
this is straight to the point.
you have a massage, just speek it out.

this is the best , forget about all the rest.
let a alien say it, and then it is even the best of the whole universe.

buy me! NOW !!

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Nothing says ideal vacation location like conjuring up images of aliens that gave you terrifying nightmares as a child.

This is about as genius as using Hostel the movie to advertise vacation packages in Slovakia.

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Hello people - we're forgetting one thing here. Aliens are said to visit new mexico all the time... it's like ufo central.

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I just didnt get New Mexico coming through clear when watching the first time. It looks like people in paper masche masks and 'corny' comes to mind which is a shame. They could have really milked this idea better. The end graphic seems disjointed, maybe just over treatment. How about a cool alien or spaceman VO instead of the hair commercial girl.

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