November 2010
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Advertising Agency: NBC, Inhouse
Director: Scott Matz
Technical Director: Vi Nguyen
Executive Producer: Elizabeth Kiehner
Senior Producer: Javier Gonzalez
Production Assistant: Lisa Riemer
Designer: Joe Russ
3D Animation: Vi Nguyen, Joe Russ, Nick Johnnides, Jason Tsang, Keith Endow
2D Animation: Kyle Miller, Diksha Watwani
Compositing: Dan DeGloria, Joe Russ, Craig Sylvester
Creative Director: Joseph Lee
Production Director: David Hartwell
Operations Manager: Corey Schmidt
Project Manager: Alex Otto
Copywriter: Maria Gitto

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For a PSA that is supposed to make me feel concerned enough to change my behavior, this is too light and cheery. The trains are green and happy, the "pollution" looks like white fluffy clouds that the seagulls can fly right through without coughing or dropping out of the sky. It's pretty, but it fails to make an impact.


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