National Ballet of Canada: Lost in Motion

Opening on a lone male figure, Ben Shirinian’s two-minute film pulls its viewer into the world of dancer Guillaume Côté as he loses himself to his movement in an undefined, mysterious space. Combining live action with subtle visual effects, Lost in Motion encapsulates the precision and technique of the dance to beautiful effect, exposing the strength and athleticism behind it.

Dancer / Choreographer: Guillaume Côté
Director: Ben Shirinian
Producer: Leslie Aimée Gottlieb
Production Company: Krystal Levy Pictures
Executive Producer: David Miller
Director of Photography: Jeremy Benning
Post Producer: Nick Sorbara
Editorial: School Editing
Editor: Jon Devries
Assistant Editor: Lauren Horn
Online: Paul Binney
Executive Producer: Sarah Brooks
Visual Effects: Crush
Executive Producer: Jo-ann Cook
Senior Producer: Janice Rebelo
Senior Designer: Julia Deakin
Flame Artist: Andre Arevalo
CG Production Manager: Raphael Quirino
CG Artists: Leonardo Silva, Chris Minos, Josh Clifton, Gav Patel
Colour: REDLAB Digital
Senior Colourist: Walt Biljan
Music: "Another Day" written by James LaValle, Published by Songs

February 2012


KimKong's picture
198 pencils

Powerful. Elegant. Stunning. It actually gave me chills the same way old videos of Baryshnikov give me chills.

oanabarbu10's picture
105 pencils

I had the exact same feeling! A great artistic ad! Love the video editing!

Nike Diesel's picture
Nike Diesel
13431 pencils

Damn. Me too. Really.
And the end was very surprising. Nice twist.

marano's picture
348 pencils

This is a really nice spot. And I'm a straight male. kudos

Hadrons's picture
5985 pencils

This spot made me look for Guillaume Côté on the net.

Beautiful choreography which makes you sing after looking at this amazing performance.


Akshaya Singh's picture
Akshaya Singh
162 pencils

Had this been a lady it would've been termed inappropriate : |
Jokes aside.... must say a beautiful spot... Might be a biased view but for me, a guy with two left feet, well executed dance is always beautiful..

Amateur for life!

miko1aj's picture
3086 pencils

Great performance. I'm not sure about those "attachments" but still they don't ruin it for sure, nonetheless i don't think they add something to it.
His movements and elegance of every gesture is perfect. Great to see that Ballet is aware of what is the most powerful argument for going there.

Mantufayo's picture
580 pencils

Beauty at its best.

abake's picture
1264 pencils

Beautiful choreography and photography, but the music didn't really fit for me.

atachouse's picture
5 pencils

Very good choreography and nice twist at the end, though the chroma keying is poor.

kleenex's picture
40708 pencils

He certainly has some dance moves.

Nike Diesel's picture
Nike Diesel
13431 pencils

... and decent muscles, I guess.

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