The Monsters of Nascar

March 2008

Line Producer: Adam Gross
Exec Producer: Marshall Rawlings @ Alturas Redfish Films

Editor: Hank Corwin @ Lost Planet/CA
Titles: Buck
Music: Human @ Human

Advertising Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners, USA
Art Director: Kevin Koller
CD: Ronny Northrop
CD: Rich Silverstein
CD: Paul Stechschulte
CD: Franklin Tipton
Copywriter: Rus Chao
Exec Producer: Josh Reynolds
Producer: Brian Coate
Director: Michael Mann
Spots's Prod Co: Alturas Redfish Films
Director - Design & Animation: Three Legged Legs
Design & Animation Production Company: Green Dot Films
Creative Directors: Casey Hunt, Greg Gunn, Reza Rasoli
Managing Director: Rick Fishbein
Executive Producers: Darren Foldes & Rich Pring
Producer: Mary Ann Cabrera
Designer: Chuck BB
Animators: Robin Steele, Dave Creek, Dylan Spears, Jahmad Rollins, Matt Flynn, Ryan Green, Brice Mallier, Kathleen Quaife
Additional Cleanup: Amy Clark, Chris Anderson, Joe Kennedy, Omar Ruiz, Thomas Yamaoka, George Fuentes, Tuna Bora, Jason Han, Timothy Gatton
3D Artist: Billy Maloney
Tracking / Compositing: Tyler Nathan
VFX Supervisor: Caleb Owens
Audio post: Robert Feist @ Ravenswork Studios
DP: Dante Spinoti
Sound Design: Gus Koven @ Stimmung
Colorist: Corey Brown @ The Mill/LA

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Activity Score 470


Life's a Trip. Enjoy the Ride!

Duckman's picture
Activity Score 520

Very, very nice.

Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle.

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Activity Score 262

Wooooooow, Interesting from the beginning to the end. ^^. I love they use light.

elgrecones's picture
Activity Score 323

wtf... prety fucking good... amazing art direction... like sodomuy said, interesting from begining to the end...

alfredo's picture
Activity Score 558

Wow. I didn't know Goodby did advertising for Chevy.

gtbernstein's picture
Activity Score 51

What are you talking about. Nothing on this says Chevy. Why would you make a comment like that.

The ads say SPRINT.

If you were trying to be funny or ironic, you missed the boat. Try again. If you weren't then please start paying attention to what you are looking at.

This is really well done. Way to go Paul. Glad to see you've gone on to great stuff since I knew you in Atlanta.

alfredo's picture
Activity Score 558


elgrecones's picture
Activity Score 323

by the way, what an incredible sound design...

空谷足音's picture
Activity Score 26

very funny!!great job!!

everartz's picture
Activity Score 7609


| Everartz |

kgeiger's picture
Activity Score 7306


iT-iS-i's picture
Activity Score 1721

Same sentiments here mate... Nothing special, infact boring too.

Add insult to injury then burn the candle at both ends.

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

Kateter's picture
Activity Score 2029

and same from me.

if Nascar is suppose to be adrenaline-like and exhilarating, this ad totally misses it.
extremly poor editing.
but somebody mentioned sound design... now that's really good.

Pauflies's picture
Activity Score 205

WOW!!!! Great Art and i love the post production painting the cars, WELL DONE!!

kirubesh's picture
Activity Score 4

good but not great
nice but not superb

jazarah's picture
Activity Score 1262

wow amazing execution

Tripioso's picture
Activity Score 470


Life's a Trip. Enjoy the Ride!

Wordnerd's picture
Activity Score 6692

great to watch! awesome execution, but "speed is beautiful" totally sucks in the end ;)

giusbon's picture
Activity Score 71

I sooo agree with you: such a boring line in the end of a greatly executed tvc. I expected something to reconnect with electricity, thrill, light(ening)...

Liu's picture
Activity Score 16

Very Nice Kevin!

Blissful's picture
Activity Score 142

I really like it, but my over analyzing eye can't help but notice the cars are moving kind of slow in some shots, but still, I thought it was really cool. And who the hell is really going to look that far into this stuff anyway.

Well Done.

Disco Munky's picture
Disco Munky
Activity Score 3890

Speed is beautiful? Well that's not a very good line.

The ad looks very slick, but the idea is if it'd been run over by 20 or is it Nascars?

What's the plural of Nascar?

Doin' it for the points

vote4pedro's picture
Activity Score 4601

great execution of a lame idea

Clint's picture
Activity Score 53

So ... Nascar is so boring that we have to paint faces on the cars for you to watch it.

I don't get it - art work is cool (well there were four Creative Directors and an Art Director involved so it should be) but I think the idea behind it is not quite there.

Michael Gethin's picture
Michael Gethin
Activity Score 2

i think it looks ace and will appeal srtaight to the target audiance!

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Advertising Pawn
Activity Score 419

Amazing how Michael Mann can make anything spectacularly eye-candy and attention-grabbing(see the recent Nike spot too).

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Mr. K.I.A.
Activity Score 6



Guest's picture

You should have been behind the scenes...where the makeup gal screws everyone on the know who you are AJ...

Guest's picture

You should have been behind the scenes in Vegas. the makeup gal AJ tried to
screw everyone on location.....She is and always has been a busy gal....