MTV VMA Promos: Taylor Swift

Advertising Agency: MTV inhouse
Director: Seyi Peter-Thomas
Producer: Kris Walter
Post/Effects: Click 3X
Creative Director: Mark Szumski
Head of Production: Jared Yeater
Director of CGI: Anthony Filipakis
Managing Director, Broadcast: David Edelstein
Executive Producer: Connor Swegle
VFX Supervision/Lead Flame Artist(s): Mark Szumski, John Budion
Flame Artist: John Ciampa
Flame Artist: Johnny Starace
Online Editor: JD Yepes
CG Animator/Lighter: Grace Hwang
CG Animator: Jong Moon Woo
CG Animator: Kristen Pederson
CG Modeler: Paul Liaw
After Effects Artist: Tom Matheu
Junior Flame Artist: Salvatore Randazzo
Junior Flame Artist: JD Yepes
Shake Roto: Sophia Avgousti
Producer(s): Rob Meyers, Jared Yeater
Aired: August 2009

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my sweet god!
that was really bad!!

| Everartz |

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That was scary.

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A stranger abroad
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I like it. And she can sing.

MTV have never been afraid of looking silly. They are so cool they can get away with it. Remember, it's a station trailer, not an ad.

Thanks goodness there are folks like MTV to lead rather than follow convention, and who are not afraid to take risks.

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Hey hey hey....check this out. Wouldn't be really funny if she stuck her head out like that, singing...and suddenly WHAM! gets hit by a lamp post in passing. Ha ha ha ha ha....

OR maybe not.

I think; therefore I am

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What would be really funny was if Keyne West interrupted her half way through the song and ... oh never mind.

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@ Guest: that would have been hilarious...

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