MTV Serbia: Disco Stick

Now we understand each other

Advertising Agency: OM Ogilvy, Belgrade, Serbia
Creative Director: Milan Đurišić
Art Director: Milan Đurišić
Copywriter: Dušan Žica
Illustrator: Đorđe Peševski
Production house: EMOTE productions
Director: Jovan Todorović
Producer: Bogdan Petković
Executive producer: Dragana Jovanović
Director of Photography: Igor Vuković
Editor: Milena Petrović
Sound Design: Aleksandar Protić
Styling: Ivana Kličković
Color Grading: Nikola Stefanović
Published: November 2009


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Kind of funny. I know someone who is Serbian, I wonder if they'd think this was funny.

Honestly, it gets most of its points because it's MTV. If it was anything else, I'd be confused and only give it a 5, but MTV is somehow allowed to get away with random crap and succeed. I guess because they never really have a specific message; all they want is to show something off-the-wall and either make you giggle or tilt your head in confusion. As long as you remember it, it's a success.

I can't tell if that makes their marketing team's jobs' easier or harder. Probably easier.


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oh, U blew it.. and copy it..

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I understand, but... ok I am not Serbian..:)

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Lovely art direction in the room, smells of balkans.

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