MTV: Generation Youth, The new skaters

Advertising Agency / Prod Co: MTV on-air promos
Directors: Evan Silver and Michael Franzini
Producers: Jessica Borovay and Brett Henenberg
Associate Producer: Veronica Balta
Art Director/Writer: Evan Silver
SVP On-Air Promos: Kevin Mackall
VP Creative Director: Amy Campbell
Cinematographers: Vasco Nunes and David Gorn
Editor: Erik Auli @ Post Millennium
Sound Design: Dave Hnatiuk @ MTV
VFX Creative Director: Charles No @ Alien Kung Fu
VFX Executive Producer: Brandon Litman @ Alien Kung Fu
VFX Animators: Peter Panton & Marco Ruesta @ Alien Kung Fu
Colorist: Micah Kirz @ Mi Post 360


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why do they change the logo for this one? the other was similar, but better looking and they've use it for a long long time...
don't like the new one at all...

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Pretty standard promo stuff, actually. But this one's subject matter is much better.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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