MTV: A Thin Line, Library

PSA's for MTV's "Digital Abuse" campaign, to help stop online-bullying. This campaign was mentioned by President Obama during his White House Conference on Bullying Prevention.

Advertising Agency: MTV, NYC, USA
Creative Director: Amy Campbell
Copywriter / Director: Seyi Peter-Thomas
Exec Producer: David Grad
Producer: Lindsay Nowak
Post Production: Click 3x
Published: March 2011


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Oh, I get it. I thought it was aimed at me. I am not the target audience. So its official MTV just made me feel inferior. Haha

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Brainchild Theories
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The bios of famous people bullied worked better than this. This is open ended and no one is really telling the audience the actual consequences. Adults still bully like this and nothing really happens so why should it matter to teens?

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