Mountain Dew: Runway

Advertising Agency: Impact BBDO Dubai, UAE
Creative Directors: Mark Daniel Held, Grant McGrath
Agency Producer: Azza Aboual Magd
Production Company: Bandito Brothers
Director: McCoy/Waugh
DP: Kevin Ward
EP(s): Jeff Rohrer
Producer: Peter Trucco
Editorial: Bandito Brothers Post
Editor: Scott Waugh
Telecine: Bandito Brothers Post
Colorist: Andrew Huebscher
Post/Effects: The Syndicate/Bandito Brothers Post
VFX/Combustion Artist(s): Brett Novak
EP(s): Jonathan Stone/Jacob Rosenberg
Music: Nathan Furst
Sound Design/Audio Post: Smart Post Sound
Shoot Location: Inyokern Airport, Inyokern, CA
Aired: March 2009


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why did they go in the same direction as the plane and not the opposite? the blast from the engines whould have propelled them forward not back... would have made them a bit smarter...in their stupid idea...

"U think it's perfect?! Press delete and start again!"

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this was done in a horrible film called "pushing tin". fail.

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Serfing bomb series

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Old stuff guys, old thinking, old strategy. How Dubai.

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Don't know which is worse, the execution or the idea.

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Agree with above comments. I am almost ashamed to admit it, but I do like that punny line 'Dew not attempt this at home'.

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Yep, the line was unfortunately the only redeeming quality. And a tiny quality at that. :(

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