Green Label Art

June 2010

Film advertisment created by TracyLocke, United States for Mountain Dew, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: TracyLocke, USA
Creative Director: David Hohman
Art Director: Campbell Hooper
Director of Broadcast Production: Monica Victor
Producer: Kiri Carch
Account Director: Jim Ryan
Senior Account Executive: Andrew Spring
Production Company: Shilo
Director: Evan Dennis
Director of Photography: Max Goldman
Compositing: Gabriel Regentin
2D Animation: Gerald Soto, Helen Kim
CG Lead: Warren Heimall
3D Rigging and Animation: Henning Koczy
Additional 3D Animation: Richard Cayton
3D Modeling: Krzysztof Fus, Jesper Lindborg
3D Tracking: Steven Hill
3D Artist: Eric Xu
Storyboard Artist: Fred Fassberger
Roto Artists: Helen Kim, Adam Grabowski, David Marte
Editor: Eli Mavros
Assistant Editor: Hedia Maron
Producer: Mariya Shikher
Line Producer: Chris Palladino
Head of Production: Julie Shevach
Executive Producer: Tracy Chandler
Telecine: Company 3
Colorist: Tom Poole
Music: "The Funk" by Oh No
Sound Design / Mix Company: AudioEngine
Sound Designer / Mixer: Tom Goldblatt
VO Talent: Paul Rodriguez

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Activity Score 25

The graphics coming out of the skateboard was the best part.

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A lot of talented people working together to sell high fructose corn syrup and yellow #5. Sorry, no matter how cool it tries to be it's just pushing cheap sweetener that contributes to diabetes, obesity - and lines the pockets of big food producers who could give a shit about skaters or culture or people for that matter. Come on all you 30-40 year old creatives, stop tricking kids.

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Activity Score 1423

Come on, you. Let's just think this is all part of the business. Don't be so tough on this product. :P

"Nihil sub sole novum"

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Activity Score 824

love those graphics fx coming out from all those skate's tricks

life is a playground

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Activity Score 3435

yeah love the graphic...


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Pau Marquès
(+34) 670 36 79 83

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Activity Score 1494

way 90s.

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Activity Score 601

i don't really agree with the first comment :
i'm diabetic, and stop being protective with us, we don't need you or that kind of comments, that means we're don't understood.

first of all this is not product who contributes to diabetes and obesity, this the way people consume that kind of product, so don't be agressive with what people sell, and be more agressive in the fucking way people eat and drink (especially americans people)
please don't try to protect us, because you just protect the easy way to live of a lot of people, this is very easy to judge product and not people.

if people are afraid to be fat ass or being diabetic, they just have to care about how they eat, and not what they eat, and move their fucking enormous fat ass.

and moreover, that ad is good

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i like it

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like it

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i like it

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Dharmesh aka danny
Activity Score 334

The concept is good, but could have been much - much - much better. Very nice use of graphics.
@ jponino You are absolutely right. My dad also consumes these products and he is diabetic.

Dharmesh Padia

Flaquita's picture
Activity Score 25

The graphics coming out of the skateboard was the best part.