Montana Meth Project: Family

Advertising Agency: Venables Bell & Partners, San Francisco, USA


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Strong images.

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Nice Work.

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love that sound effect during the end tag

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That gives me goose bumbs - Really good work!

ILLUSTRATION / DESIGN www.philippertl.co.uk

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bleedin hell!


this got past the censors? it should do its brilliant work but will no doubt be pulled by do gooders.

great campaign.

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These are really intense. I like them because they startle you. It's also doing more to spread light on some of the things that might and do happen when meth is involved.

Good Job.

Too many cooks in the kitchen....

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I came across these photos while doing research for my English paper titled "Anti-drug Advertising Needs to Take a More Drastic Approach"
We have come a long way since the 80's of the 'Just Say No' campaign but with times changing and the statistics along with them, anti-drug advertising needs to catch up! It is not the mentor giving a speech in front of the class that is hitting home but the best friend that was thrown from the car and lying on the side of the highway dead from driving under the influence that is. GREAT JOB and keep up the good work. Many organizations need to follow in your footsteps!

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