Minnesota State Lottery: Roller Coaster Restaurant

Advertising Agency: Colle+McVoy, USA
Group Creative Director: Dave Keepper
Copywriter: John Neerland
Art Director: Derek Till
Head of Broadcast: Ramon Nuñez
Producer: Henni Iwarsson
Asst. Producer: Kelly Kytola
Production Company: Curious Pictures
Director: Man vs. Magnet
Head of Production: John Cline
Executive Producer: Mary Knox
Line Producer: Courtney Fransen
EFX/Online Artist & Editor/Colorist: Steve Medin/Volt Studios
Original Music/Sound Design: Modern Music


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Why does it take so long for the Flash video to load on this site? I've lost interest before it even starts playing. This is the only site I visit that has such long load times. What gives?

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Our video server is broken. At certain times it's too slow because of the high demand, but we are working on it and it should be fixed within a few days.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Ivan: go back to quicktime and problem solved...

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Ivan: Looks like you fix the flash problem... Thank you very much!
sorry to say that we still miss quicktime so we can save our favorites. Or there is another way to save them?

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Same generic lotto idea, but real fun execution.

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Really nicely done.

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i like

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Both Sides of t...
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Well done.

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Yeh snazzy. I like it when the granny gets a spagetti blog in the face. Penguins cute too

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to download search download helper on google and ad the application. very easy it will download as .flv but its still an average quality

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nicely executed for a pretty run of the mill product/idea

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