Mini Cooper SD: Mobile home

Advertising Agency: Bcube, Italy
Executive Creative Director: Francesco Bozza
Associate Creative Director: Alessandro Sabini
Copywriter: Alessandro Sabini
Art Director: Andrea Marzagalli
Account Supervisor: Anna De Gaetano
Senior Account Executive: Sabrina Montemurro
Producer: Michele Virgilio, Susanna Zerbini
Production Company: Mercurio Cinematografica
Director: Daniel Benmajor
Director of Photography: Paco Femenia
Executive Producer: Luca Fanfani
Producer: Annalisa De Maria
Musica: Bobo Marcucci


Dingleberry Jack's picture
Dingleberry Jack
248 pencils

Wow... A sad day for Mini...

Temple's picture
10874 pencils

Well, Bobo Marcucci gets a vote for the music. Now, back to the drawing board for the rest.

TommyO's picture
1866 pencils

Got carried away with the slow-motion-falling-stuff, eh?

Phil Lestino's picture
Phil Lestino
1680 pencils

Totally ruined the mini with the new headlight and this 4x4 off road I'm a big car rubbish that BMW are trying to sell us. Hey Herr mini designer the clue is in the name. Oh and the ad sucks just as much as the car.

pez's picture
1800 pencils

Couldn't help thinking about an earthquake first, not good times for that kind of associations..

lalmadv's picture
78 pencils

Is it real or fake? I've never seen this commercial on the Italian TV. Apart form that, it made me think of a car accident while I was watching the first part. That's not good to sell cars, I guess.

Glut's picture
3947 pencils

nICE production, bad idea.

Beamen's picture
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