Milk: Shining through, 1


Advertising Agency: BBDO Montréal, Canada
Creative Director: Daniel Andréani
Creative Group Director: Cher Campbell
Art Director: Dominique Audet
Copywriter: Christopher Jones
Project Director: Lyne Clermont
Account Executive: Mélie-Jade Dagenais
Electronic Producer: Geneviève Clément
Print Producer: Michèle Blanchette
Retoucher: François Brisson
Graphics Designers: Martin Filion, Michael Joseph
Web Art Director: Dimitri Urban
Web Designer: Roman Lifshitz
Web Producer: Adam Partington
Touché PHD: Alexandre-Pascal Lamoureux, Charles-Étienne Morier
Marketel: Kathleen Gaumont, Michèle Simoneau
Web Production: Graffitti
Photography: Alain Desjean
Production House: Jet Films
Producer: Michel Boily
Director: Yves-Christian Fournier
Post-production: Technicolor
Music: Studio Apollo
Sound studio: Sonart

November 2008


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123 pencils

i didn't get why milk is good.
(nice music and so)

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imho they try to convince that milk is the source of pureness in this dirty world. I'm not so sure if it is true – especially when you realise that this liquid you can find in milk bottles is water with some stuff with some milk. Nevertheless – it's great looking campaign, based on nice idea.

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Guest commenter

Sorry, who’s talking about pureness here? The line is "natural source of comfort". This campaign doesn’t make any sense.

blue_pencil's picture
30 pencils

dont cry over split milk... as long as there are other white things

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Guest commenter

So been dipressed is good ?

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Guest commenter

White is the new black

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Guest commenter

Depressed is the new white.

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Guest commenter

nice shots without any relation why ???

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Guest commenter

milk is the light in our dark world

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