Microsoft: Piracy Uncovered - Lost Files

Developed 3 web videos to raise awareness of the dangers of using pirated software for S.E. Asia. Mythology and supernatural themes are deeply rooted in Asian cultures. Attracting the attention of such creatures are not only taboo but seen as extremely sinister. We leverage on their fears to drive home the message of Piracy costs more than you think.

Advertising Agency: Wunderman, Singapore
Creative Director: Keith Tan
Art Director: Moses Gunarman
Junior Art Director: Soenar Santoso
Copywriter: Liao Junqi
Junior Copywriters: Shawn Choy, Chan Long Teng
Production Company: Forange Pictures
Director: Edwin Tan
DOP: Gerald Stahlmann
Published: May 2013


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I agree with you. All three ads are strange and not a good way.

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Is that a dropbox folder the ghost is supposedly deleting from? Cause if it is then what if someone who also has access to the folder is just deleting them?

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