Microsoft / Hotmail: Spammers' Aid

Our mission was to communicate the message that Hotmail now stops 97% of all spam to Swedish tech-influencers. Instead of just boosting out the message we decided to take a somewhat different approach. As the Hotmail spam filter now is so effective it can actually put spammers out of business we decided to try and help them get legal jobs and launched Spammers’ Aid. The campaign consisted of a website and an online video invitation for spammers to an “open house” seminar at Microsoft’s Swedish head offices. At the seminar we had representatives, from Microsoft and a recruiter from the IT-sector, talk about ways for spammers to use their programming and online marketing skills to do something good instead of more spamming. No spammers showed up but the seminar was broadcasted live online where 27 people followed it, anonymously, and Sweden’s largest IT- blog reported live from the event. The product manager for Hotmail in Sweden was interviewed by both national and international media and the core message impact was at 73 % within the target group.

Advertising Agency: JMW, Stockholm, Sweden
Executive Creative Director: Joakim Karlsson
Creative Director: Samuel Garlöv
Art Directors: Annelie Karlsson, Jonas Böttiger
Account Director: Björn Mellstrand
PR: Thomas Hansen
Director of photography: Robinovich
Producer: Jon Hichens
Online video: Falkevik & Danehav

May 2012


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This just says to the spammer that I have to change my message to try to get through the spam blocker...

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they shouldve spammed people's inboxes with this commercial

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SPAM the whole world! :P

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Klara K.
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So much potential!

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great +++++
unthinkable thing for spammer.

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