Mercedes-Benz: Dreams

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Alster, Germany
Executive Creative Directors: Deneke von Weltzien, Armin Jochum
Creative Director: Thimoteus Wagner, Christian Fritsche
Art Director: Jonas Keller
Copywriter: Daniel Pieracci
Grafik-Designer: Dennis Wagner
Agency Producers: Hermann Krug, Vanessa Fischbeck
Director: The Vikings
Production Company: Bigfish Filmproduction Berlin
Producer: Exec: Robert Gold / Line Producer: Henry Rehorek
D.O.P/Lighting/Cameraman: Kolja Brandt
Editor/Editing Company: Kai Kniekamp
Music: Artist/Title: Oliver Thiede
Sound Design/Arrangement: Hastings Music GmbH
Post Production: Ghost VFX
Animation: Ghost VFX
Producer: Lars Bartkær
Supervisors: Aksel Studsgarth, Thomas Øhlenschlæger
Animation: Feanor Engemann
Modeller: Rasmus Warming
Rigging: Tom Westermann
Rendering: Thijs Noij
Compositing: Daniel Thureson
Roto: Martin Kupski, Daniel Korkko
Colourist: Sascha Haber
Aired: 2009

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1586 pencils

Great too.

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Great three

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yes, this is actually interesting.

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Great, this is indeed a dream and a half!

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Nice one, great work.


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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Had I seen Abe Lincoln and a talking beaver tumble out of that car too, I would've given it a perfect 10!
; P

There's a serious way and comical approach to solving this problem. I think this works just fantastic!!
I love how quiet the spot is throughout, which serves the concept even better.

Great looking piece of film.

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nah, the only thing that makes this ad good is the execution. the concept is bleh...

the "will have to wait" has been done a bazillion times. too bad they re-used it for mercedes.

not my cup of tea...

Quite really.

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Very nice. Needless 90 especially-for-ads-of-the-world director's cut though, it works fine in 45.

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Mercedes "Attention alert". Clear that the driver can go sleeping and dreaming and the Mercedes system stops it, but the adv does'nt convey that message in the correct way, because the characters of the dreams should get out of the car one by one separately with the car running and not all together in a parking area. So although the idea is good, its execution is poor and not immediately undestandable.

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This is actually interesting... I think this works just fantastic.

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