Medecins Sans Frontieres: Boy

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson London, UK
Creative Directors: Simon Hepton
Art Director: Simon Hepton
Copywriter: Matt Crabtree
Photographer: Robert Wilson
Production company: McCann Erickson/Framestore/Eardrum
Media: Phil Tattersall, Alice Pott

July 2009


alexander_bickov's picture
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Geat and simple message!

Guest's picture

so bad

valayamadvertising's picture
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sorry if some one misses the lines on the screen the message is lost - when lines are mised visual should convey the meaning

Guest's picture

Good point, but just want to say that it was designed for the cinema, so hopefully that won't be an issue.


magedmaher's picture
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I really felt passionate about them

Jesterbrand's picture
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So it's Doctor's Without Borders then? Same people or no?

Anwyways, simple and effective... I'm depressed now...

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They should have used the mental aspect of it.

Besides that, dragging someone into a heavy story and then only asking them to remember a name is doing just that. Telling people you still exist. That you haven’t merged with another organization. That you are still visiting places where it matters. And therefore you count on peoples blessing.

So, what seems to be the problem here? Is what most viewers will be thinking.

In reality you communicate your problem to raise awareness. Which in these modern days will be seen as old thinking choosing bad strategy. Consequently you are nibbling at the very foundation of your brand’s trust.

Attention is no tool, money is.

Catwah's picture
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This would have been better if the child's moan wasn't repeatedly looped. It REALLY spoiled the feel of the ad.

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Unfortunately I have to agree. The sound design just didn't deliver.

kgeiger's picture
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Unfortunately I have to agree. The sound design just didn't deliver.

Janae's picture
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it doesn't sound like the child has any kind of pain, it reminds me more of an laughing adult.
a dramatic classic music would fit better or just a real child crying and not repeating all the

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Hi, Pete from MSF here. I didn't make the advert, but I believe that it was a straight piece of audio. Does sound like a loop though I agree...

kgeiger's picture
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Hide everybody, it's the client! ;)
Just to be clear. I do like this advert...

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Well I really enjoyed the concept - and I have a little problem with the looping of the child cries... But not so much, and the intensity and violence you could sense is enough for me . Love it really, but still some weaknesses in it - nobody's perfect :-)

I think that simple message is the way to go with advertisement. And for the written message , on a 12 meteres large screen , there won't be any problem to read it.



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