McDonald's: Wanted

Advertising Agency: Hoffman Lewis Advertising, USA
Creative Director: Mark Manion
Senior Copywriter: Jake Edinger
Art Director: Jon Hansen
Copywriter: Daniel Cady
Art Director: Chris Berry
Project Manager: Janelle Strother
Broadcast Business Manager: Gloria Anderson
Producer: Dan Bryant
Production Company: Twist/New York & Minneapolis
Director: Matt Pittroff
DP: Andy Lillien
President / Executive Producer: Jim Geib
Executive Producer: Amyliz Pera
Producer: Steve Blair
Production Supervisor: Nathan Haener
Production Designer: Susan Peterson
Coordinator: Brian Morris
Staff Reps: Kathryn Lotis, Rob Neill
Editorial, Design, Sound Design Company: 90 Degrees West
Editor: Scott Whiteaker
Graphics Design: Vlad Sarkisov
Assistant Editor: Andy DeVries
Sound Designer: Mark Bartels

June 2010


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Love it.

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121 pencils

ha ha. Funny. well-casted

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I watched it like 10 times... is it me... I just don't get it. Love ya though Tom; you're always in character! Peace.

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Firstly the insight is quite good, but the executions are lame...

And secondly, surely the talking into camera bit is pissing those precious minutes down the drain?

Bad executions! Bad!

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Tyronne King
32 pencils

nice art direction , i get the idea, the cop is a bit cheezy and the Mcdonald's employee looks like the biggest nerd

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Nike Diesel
13589 pencils

I'm not feeling these spots at all.

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