McDonald's: Lester

Advertising Agency: DDB, Oslo, Norway
Creative Director: Stefan Gustafsson
Creative Team: Torkild Jarnholt, Julian Hagemann
Nordic Strategy Director: Christian Budtz
Account Director: Hans Petter Stub
Account Director Nordics: Christian Budtz
Account Manager, Norway: Silje Linge
Account Manager, Nordics: Jeanette Yttermann
Agency Film Producer: Cyril Boije
Producer: Mikael Flodell / Flodell Film
Director: Nadde Hanson


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What a beautiful work for Mc Donald's.

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Really great ads, BUTTTTTT....

Why is this a UK ad???

Why is this not done for the USA market????

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Initiated by the UK office?
If successful the US HQ will notice and cast fat people for the remake (sorry couldn't resist)

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Brainchild Theories
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The folks with anorexia and bulimia in the US far outweigh the trauma of fast food to a person's body. The health of the US is generalized. There is an obsession about health, an uneducated obsession. I'm still amazed at how uneducated some people are about health and chemical responses in the body to the simplest ingredients. Every day there is a fad of why people are fat and it's not just in one country.

This commercial is not about being obese or trying to shove your face with food, it's a change of pace for other commercials that fill the screen with fake food hoping they're reaching their market. This shows the old time advertising, but not too cheesy. Haven't you ever seen the line of retirees in McDonald's first thing in the morning to get their coffee. It's more than the coffee, it's a place to meet their peeps and they're not obese.

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Pretty much a clean 10/10.

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Wow! cant belive its McDonalds doin this type of ads. Really nice work

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one of the few thing i like from MCD ads.

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