McDonald's: GOL!

Advertising Agency: DDB, Chicago, USA
Chief Creative Officer: John Maxham
Executive Creative Director: Tony Malcolm
Creative Directors / Copywriters: Alistair Robertson, Geoff McCartney
Creative Director / Art Director: Alex Braxton
Executive Producer / Digital: Jon Ellis
Production: Smuggler
Director: Henry Alex Rubin
Editorial: Whitehouse Post
Editor: Matthew Wood
Assistant Editor: Caleb Hepler
Executive Producer: Dan Bryant
Producer: Dawn Guzowski

June 2014


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Pete R.
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That was fun. Congratulation guys!

Art & Illustration

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Very entertaining.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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Beautiful spot.

Taio013's picture

Not creative at all !!!! The web is full of such video with people playing with a football or doing crazy things. Have a look at the french guy, Rémi Gaillard for example... This is fake creativity. Sick of fake creativity and fake creatives.

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Reality Check
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There's so much of this advert that causes a big smile to split your face that it can't be described as anything other than a success.

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Well said. I just couldn't help myself. This is great.

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An axe murderer of ads.

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very good. fun to watch!

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Fun although I do not think the old man really needed that scooter device.

Martin V's picture
Martin V

I'm really getting sick of so much bad cgi

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Tony Malcolm

I don't hide behind a pseudonym. This is great work. If you want to take this sort of entertainment out of the World because someone else has done soccer skills, then lets stop all online content on dogs, cats, falls, fake accidents, laughing kids, messy kids, freaky goals in all sports, stunts, crowd sourcing events, surprise celeb appearances. Tell you what, lets stop any enjoyment for the naysayers. I hate you. You suck. Just saying, Don't take it personally. You've probably never done a creative thing in your sad empty pessimistic life. Go away and try it and leave us who do this for a living with a proven track record alone. The last viral I was involved with got over 10 million views. Oh by the way, thanks to all those who praised this work. That takes real generosity of spirit.

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As someone who really enjoyed this spot, I must say: Tony, act like an ECD. Your defensive conniption is an embarrassment to both you and your agency.

Your ad is glittering with creative confidence. You are not. And far be it from me to be imparting pearls of wisdom on you, but if you're as happy with the work as your outburst suggests, that's really all that matters.


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good work

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