McDonald's: Girl

Our prices make you more independent

Advertising Agency: The cousins, Geneva, Switzerland
Art Director: Julien de Preux
Copywriter: Conrad Malcher
Illustrator: Julien de Preux
Animator: Michael Rieder
Aired: January 2010


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what's the proposition? this silly little thing plays on a cliche that in my opinion new creatives (i like to think that people with experience would know better) should stay away from. I'm tired of watching variations the same old banality: women go after cars and money. Aren't you? Besides, this could be used for any product whatsoever: just insert a different logo. Oh, so she can buy her own junk for 99c... Really now?

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not really a fan of this ad. I don't think its a good one for mcdonald as a brand

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i wouldn't go out with anyone from the team.

maybe this is the free one of the "buy 5 ads, get 1 free" campaign.

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as expected from FRANCE


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No... it's from Switzerland... Anyways if it was france it would be in euros...

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liked the way her tities bounced lol.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Nice ad. Love it

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I am not really sure what I think about the ad (needs work), could not make it past the sound track... Reminded me of something I think from garage band...

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