MCAC: Rhian Touches Herself

Advertising Agency: JWT, London, UK
Executive Creative Director: Russell Ramsey
Creative Director: Jason Berry
Art Directors: Kevin Masters, Miles Bingham
Copywriters: Miles Bingham, Kevin Masters
TV Producer: Roy Swansborough
Account Director: Adrian Ash
Director: Rankin
Production Company: Rankin Film
Editor: Rankin Film
Sound: Sam Ashwell / 750MPH
Online seeding: Rubber Republic


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That's really shocking and I think effective!

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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Tooooooo much. Asco.

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"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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whoahhh..... totally didn't see that happening!

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Don Hwang
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Hola, that was a breathtaking ad. wow. a bit too much though..

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Yes, it was shocking, and honestly a bit distasteful.

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What is more distasteful cancer or this Ad?


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She's got a nice set on her. And detachable. Cool.

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Unexpected : that was the reason i liked it however i thought it was a video for transexuals before i saw the end

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Yea so did I !! lol, but it was a good wake up call for all the men and trans out there!?.

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Great idea.

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If it is never allowed to air on prime time and can make a career as a viral only, how can it achieve its goal in the first place? Unless its goal is feeding the agency's vanity.

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Testicles are disgusting...

Advertising @ chinaSMACK

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Would prefer her boobs come out!

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Do the same for breast cancer!

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Good ide, and they certainly thought about the target audience, u gotta give them that.. but like already pointed out, a cancer awareness campaign that can only end up as a viral at best? That won't do imo

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Shcoking but cool, balls are a bit disgusting

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definitely viral. Problem is I'm not allowed to grab my balls while at work.

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Paolo Buatti
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OMG. Seriously shocking!

Shiply on

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I think it´s brilliant although I don´t think I´m brave enough to see this together with my Ad students...

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just Owen
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Quality, its surprising not shocking I think, it does the job, with the amount of different footage lads have access to nowadays you have to come up with something like this to get their attention. Very well done. Reminds me of a certain Inbetweeners episode.

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ball buster :-)


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It was a great ad. Watching a hot woman touching herself announcing the act. Then...

Sure it made me feel a bit queasy watching a set of balls come out of her panties. They nailed that feeling perfectly.

Interesting they decided on black and white. Make you wonder what color were the testicles. Blue balls? (sorry)

Cancer sucks!

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Well said.

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she my kind of girl!! lol.

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I hope the following helps; from the Phuket News recently, this report:

Joke Pregnancy test leads to discovery of cancer. "Pregnant women produce the same hormone as men with a certain type of testicular cancer"

Users of the popular social news website Reddit helped a young man diagnose his testicular cancer after he posted a humerous comic poking fun at his positive pregancy test.

The user, Cappn Poopdeek posted the comic to explain how his male friend had jokingly used his girlfriend's pregnancy test to find that it came out positive.......Turns out that a doctor at the University of Texas confirmed the link, as the body produces high levels of human chorionic gonadotrophin in times of pregnancy and when certain cancerous tumors appear. A pregnancy test can detect the hormone.. News reports say that the user's friend subsequently was admitted to hospital where doctors confirmed the existance of a tumor in the early stage of cancer. The testicle was then removed.

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I feel so dirty...yet so satisfied!

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Detachable balls are kinda handy: My wife could have done this commercial too - she keeps my balls in her purse tho!

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Rufus Cornpone

I don't think it's disgusting. I carry my balls around with me everywhere I go; and have since a very early age. I was curious enough to watch the entire clip, so it must have accomplished it's objective. Which leads me to the question for those that thought it disgusting; why watch the entire clip and then take the time to comment on it if it's so disgusting? We (in the USA) sure need to give some serious thought to our moral objections to sex. I'll be the first to start..........

Deaddrift's picture

I think ,
the point being even if it goes viral at best/
If it saves even 1 life !
It's done it's job
Sometimes we gave to be shocked awake , out if our complacent life styles

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come on..the add may have given a bit of shock value...but even though she was holding "her/your" balls you all kept watching!.
i even watched it more than once....its a great ad..!!...i sent it on to its going viral....and....deaddrift said it all.....if it saves one life!!

Georgie's picture

Excellent !--how else would one get the required attention to something so serious? Look how squeamish men are about prostrate cancer check-ups? it saved my LIFE !


A potentially #BALLSY idea! ;) _ You can FIX this in the edit, however: you need a faster REVEAL - and cutto: an immediate detaching of the sack! #nevermindtheBOLLOCKS

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I wonder where they got such lifelike balls;cadaver maybe?

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I didn't find it distasteful at all and sometimes shock value carries the most impact. The British just happen to be a bit graphic about a subject so many are embarrasses to talk about

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Guest 101

It was the idea to get you men to watch and examine yourself, I dont find it disgusting or in bad taste, if it gets job done for awareness of your own body, and if it saves a life more power to us women we got your attention.

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Yes, if it saves one live, or just the pain of cancer, it's worked. Thank you

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My wife keeps mine in the freezer to keep me safe! She is wonderful, thinking about me getting cancer!

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What a bunch of prudes. I shave mine so they are more appealing to look at and touch, They don't look like a porcupine.


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bruce bobcat

I sit mine on my girlfriends chin for close inspection

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Derrick Thomas

Something which is very serious . Men need to take note .

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Those were big balls much like a chimpanzee might have but they were meant to be seen on a small screen. I however do shave mine.

Blob's picture

Just cause they are not the prettiest thing around and the live next door to a bum (arsehole in some countries) and their best mate is a dick doesn't mean you should ignore them. Embrace them fondly (and regularly) and they'll look after you forever....

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Like to see what the same creative team would come up with for breast cancer.

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