Marble maze

September 2007

FX Supervisor & Graphic/Flame Artists:

Flame artist -Crawford Reilly
Flame artist - Shauna Prescott
Christopher Reichel - Flame assist

Advertising Agency: TBWA\CHIAT\DAY Los Angeles, USA
Executive Creative Director: Rob Schwartz
Group Creative Directors: Curt Detweiler
Associate Creative Directors: Mike Yagi and Chris Lynch
Art Director: Ken Lin
Copywriter: Jason Rappaport
Producers: Dominique Campodonico, Richard O’Neill
Assistant Producer: Mandi Holdorf
Management Supervisor: Adrienne Recher
Account Supervisor: Patrick Jones
Business Manager: Abilino Guillermo
Music: The Clash
Song Title: Pressure Drop
Sound Design Company: Paranoid Sound
Sound Designer: Claude Letessier and Michael Baird
Shoot Dates: July14-23rd./ July 29th
Shoot Location: Mexico City/Los Angeles CA
Production Company: Paranoid US
Executive Producers: Phillip Detchmendy & Claude Letessier
Director: Thierry Poiraud
DP: Alex Lamarque
Post Production Company: Whitehouse Post Productions
Editor: Richard Learoyd
Assistant Editor: Jacob Kuehl
Visual Effects Company: BUF
Post House (online): Vendetta Post

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Highest Rated

sumbody's picture
Activity Score 134

Gold or even Gran Prix…awesome

Tron's picture
Activity Score 174

Nice idea, cg's a bit dodge, and dont think you needed the end line 'game on' or the visual of a game table.

Alfonso Bremel's picture
Alfonso Bremel
Activity Score 2

Agree, but you know some times is the client who asks for that kind of stuff

Tincho's picture
Activity Score 1093


Brainsugar's picture
Activity Score 1627

Fantastic realisation.
But impossible to use it in France.

andrej dwin's picture
andrej dwin
Activity Score 937

*the best skate/snow/surfing videos and pictures.
*updated daily!

AdArena: Sex Sells

Eyebrows of Fury's picture
Eyebrows of Fury

great budget!

kalpesh78's picture
Activity Score 2578

nice idea gone wrong in the end.. Why "game on"???
I'd have loved it if the world was turning in a wierd way... that'd have added all the more fun.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

Guest's picture

Finally a car company who explains why we need big SUVs in the city
Nice work and a great idea!

pixelbomb1's picture
Activity Score 2555

that would be a good p.o.p display in a car dealership. nice.. i like at the end when the guy carries his bike upstairs then the camera tilts he stayed the same.

Arnold Santillan

LAZ's picture
Activity Score 288


pixelbomb1's picture
Activity Score 2555

Arnold Santillan

Guest's picture

Gold! This was really f*king cool!!!!

Guest's picture

I heard about this concept at the production company I work for. Nice to see what they did with it! Bravo

Guest's picture

Gimme a break. This is amazing. If you can't admit that you're one of those sour-grapes creatives.

NIGEL's picture

Compeletley agree. I think if you don't like this you are just bitter.

Guest's picture


Wes's picture

Gold. Sure. Don't be a hater.

Nicholas1271's picture

Really cool. Is the car only available in the US?

kgeiger's picture
Activity Score 7312

I like the idea. But something tells me that this TVC would never make it through some of the European regulatory commissions like the English BACC and French BVP. But I still like it.

Guest's picture

Is there an actual game that resembles that box or things falling into numbered holes? I don't recall...

NinjaFace's picture

Yes there is an actual game, it's called Labyrynth or some crap. It's hard to complete from what I recall.

Great spot!

jon moreno's picture
jon moreno

great! how i wish i can tink like that!

errr.. im not a professional in this line of work, but i really like to evaluate advertising arts. So pls excuse my thoughts.

CrazyPurpleBanana's picture

Loved this commercial- I actually really like the shot at the end when they pan out and show the game board. Pretty cool.

Guest's picture

The reveal is amazing I think this is a tremendous concept really liked watching it. TBWA!!!! Good JOB!

Jet Propulsion Lab's picture
Jet Propulsion Lab
Activity Score 10679

While probably not an idea that awards show judges would go gaga over, it is a tightly produced super entertaining spot with a clear message. It'll most definitely win something in the effects and/or cinematography category if not top honors. Some of the shots are simply amazing!
As someone based in the Big Apple, this spot would've been outrageously funny if it'd been shot entirely in Manhattan. The whole joke and irony of it would hurt us! It's not uncommon to see a crater-sized pothole suddenly open up right beneath you here in the city!! ;D I've also actually witnessed someone fall right into an open manhole a long time ago!

Man, I do miss working for clients with BIG wallets!! Nice work guys.

JamaicanFloyd's picture

This ad is very good, i think it will do wonderfully in the shows.

Guest's picture

Best spot I have seen all year.

Guest's picture

Rob Schwartz and his team of creatives have done something marvelous!!

Guest's picture

c'est super!

Alexis et Camille's picture
Alexis et Camille

Pas mal. Way to go California boys. For Cannes we wish you.

WoodyDee's picture

You'll always hook me when you play the essential Clash. Great choice, great version of the track.

Guest's picture

Really I found the music not as good as you did. I saw a version mit no musik was very good spot grabbed my attention! Fanstastick job

sumbody's picture
Activity Score 134

Gold or even Gran Prix…awesome