Macy's: Screamers

Enlisting superstar performer Justin Bieber, “Screamers” spins America’s obsession with the pop star into a humorous tale of unexpected encounters as he makes his way to Macy’s for Black Friday. The spot calls attention to Macy's midnight opening, as well as to an exclusive gift set for Bieber’s fragrance Someday, available only at Macy’s. Proceeds from the gift set will be donated to The Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Production Company: Hungry Man, Inc.

Advertising Agency: JWT, New York, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Peter Nicholson
Executive Creative Director: Matt MacDonald
Creative Directors: Craig Love, Shayne Millington
Planner: Jonathan Fletcher
Director of Brand Production: Sergio Lopez
Executive Producer: Robin Feldman
Senior Producer: Holly Otto
Director of Music and Radio Production: Paul Greco
Account Executives: Angela Rebong Brown, Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Business Director: Claire Capeci
Director: Hank Perlman
Editorial Company: PS260
Editors: Robert Ryang, Dustin Stephens
Post Production: Brand Name
Telecine: The Mill
Audio Company: Sound Lounge
Media Agency: MEC

November 2011


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Chris and Mo
26 pencils


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I can't believe that 70+ people have already liked this on facebook. Men or women or both?

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Nike Diesel
13431 pencils

And kids maybe?

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Eh don't mind it.

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I still prefer Kohl's Rebecca Black Friday ad better. JB just can't act!

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273 pencils

I'm obviously not the target audience. Man, that was annoying.

(Heh-heh. Eau de Bieber)

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Dharmesh aka danny
334 pencils

Only for expressions...

Dharmesh Padia

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I laughed. Yes, I laughed out loud.

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too easy... bad acting from this piece of sh.t that is bieber
i would have expect more from jWT

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Nike Diesel
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Funny, and nice idea.
Too bad acting effed it up.

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First yell out of sync.

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doesn't make sence that his driver is all freaking out as well.

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