Lincoln MKX: Home Town

Production Company: Saville Productions
Director: Roger Michell
Executive Producer: Johnny Doran
Producer Mark Conley
DP: Claudio Miranda

Ad Agency: Team Detroit
Executive Creative Director: Lance Paull
Associate CD/Art Director: Carlos Speziali
Copywriter: Patrick McHugh
Director of Broadcast Production: Carole Gall
Senior Producer: Tom Robertson

Editor: Jon Hopp @ Jigsaw Editorial
Assistant Editor: Kelly Dunnagan
Post Producer: Kirsten Thon

Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld @ Company 3

Flame Artist: Mark Leiss @ Jigsaw Editorial
Flame Assistant: Joseph Grosso

Sound Design/Music Sovreign


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Bit of a stretch if you ask me. Woo, Harry is trying to re-build New Orleans....now buy a Lincoln.

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Charlie Pratt
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This is simple and good. Connick, Jr. makes it honest with "here's where I got married."

Not sure it's going to be effective for Lincoln, though.


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My guess is Harry has taken a similar attitude to that of Steve Irwin, who would happily appear in any commercial because it meant he'd have more money for his conservation projects. Harry is just doing what it takes to fund that project. Good on him, and good on Lincoln for helping out.

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Doesn't do justice to the Lincoln brand... On second thought, it does nothing for Lincoln... One of those ads you view twice and you're enough. Sad...

iT-iS-i, like an upside down ! mark.

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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Nothing more than Lincoln being cheap & manipulative to sell cars. There's nothing honest about this.


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SFX: Crickets. ZZZZZzzzzZZZZzzzzz

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Guest commenter

i like the subtle showings of the car, but the fact that its aout his past etc distracts you from teh actul car

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