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Klara K.
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I lke the idea - imperfect humans in an imperfect world :)

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The nailed an ad.

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i hate the voice

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I think the spot didn't need to be a minute long. It's probably tighter as a :30. It's nice though. Some good classic accidents happening.
Btw, not a big fan of the music choice. It's a bit distracting (maybe the levels weren't mixed right).

- ArzuBusiness

- ArzuBusiness

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Don Copy John

Agreed. The music is like something you hear in a supermarket, and adds nothing. Based on the concept, Paul Giamatti as the VO was a good choice. However, he seems too pleasant in this spot. He needs to sound more distraught, and less like he's a reading a children's book.

Excellent spec/effs though, and overall it's a pretty crowd pleaser.

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the pencil
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Great idea & art execution but like what the rest meant, the audio ain't working for everyone.

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I love Paul Giamatti's voice over. I think it sets just the right reassuring tone, i.e., with Liberty Mutual insurance, everything will be alright.

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