Brilliant Together

August 2010

Mixer: Sam Casas Asst.

Advertising Agency: Dojo, USA
Executive Creative Directors / Partners: Mauro Alencar, Geoff Edwards
CFO / Partner: Jeremy Brown
Art Director: Chris Masse
Copywriter: Michael Leibowitz
Senior Producer: Annie Uzdavinis
Partnerships: Audrey Santamarta
Production Company: Paranoid US, Los Angeles
Director: Sophie Gateau
Executive Producers / Partners: Claude Letessier, Cathleen O'Conor
Head of Production: Matej Purg
VFX / Animation: Paranoid Design Studio, Los Angeles
Head of Post Production / Producer: Guillaume Raffi
Lead VFX Artist: Vincent Rogozyk
VFX Artists: Michael Tavarez, Jahmad Rollins, Derek Hansen, Andrew Cook, Naime Perette, Joe Ball, Maggie Balaco, Alexandre de Bonrepos
Production Assistant: Julie Amalric
Track: “White” by LIGHTS
Mix: Lime Santa Monica, CA
Engineer: Jeff Malen
Executive Producer: Jessica Locke
Color: New Hat Santa Monica, CA
Colorist: Bob Festa

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Highest Rated

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wow that was beautiful - left a tingling sensation!
for those who commented on it was too long - i think it was a tie in with the LIGHTS' song "White"

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Activity Score 13561

This was very cute, but way too long. I had to skip forward.

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Activity Score 2498

This was a very long walk for a predictable drink. But damned if I didn't hang on to see the outcome anyway.

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3 minutes???!! too much.

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Awesome stuff. But the "ad spiel" at the end was such a break in tone from the rest of the ad and kinda ruined the three minutes leading up to it.

A super with something like "The new LG Delight, with customizable LED screen." would have sufficed instead of the "Hey, so glad you called" girl, and rhetorical announcer "Is it a phone or is it something else?" etc.

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Shadow Ops
Activity Score 148

the film itself was a sweet story and a believable bring around to the led screen display with the girl.....she should have said glad you called and then a super...done

Let's keep advertising fun

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Lights' Youtube channel agrees. :)

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Jaap Grolleman
Activity Score 6992

Reminds me of that HP commercial where they are basically doing the same thing with boy+girl, only then on printers.

And as said before, way to long. I skipped and stopped.

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Activity Score 3279

Nice animation, but to long

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Activity Score 547


commenting just to gather more pencils:-)

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Activity Score 547

It would be better in its half time i think.

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Activity Score 82

I'm hoping they split or modify this into standard 15 or 30 second segments. Good ad, but way too long.

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yeah, way too long. probably just needed a more compelling storyline. in any case, doing LED animation and telling a story has been done. That spot where the man gets off the crosswalk sign.

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A bit too long? Perhaps, but the eventual outcome was worth the wait. For me, it was engaging and heartfelt.

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Activity Score 109

i really like it :X

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Activity Score 770

ohh the end was really bad! that voice woke me up from this dream :-/

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wow~~~~~~~~ beautiful ~~~~~~~~~~~

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Cool!! Nice Idea. but like mentioned below, it is a little bit long.
It would be better to make the short version.

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i like the story very clear :)

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wow that was beautiful - left a tingling sensation!
for those who commented on it was too long - i think it was a tie in with the LIGHTS' song "White"