Le Cupole Mall: Magic Moment

Advertising Agency: Touché, Bologna, Italy
Creative Director: Luca d'Alesio
Director: Jacopo Tartarone
Production Company: Black Market
Director of photography: Paolo Belan
Production Manager: Matteo Andreolli
Music / Sound Design: Giga Sound


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Oh dear. I was confidently expecting to be mildly disappointed at a condom ad. This launches that disappointment in a rocket burrowing into a club-sized bucket of shit. The same bucket, funnily, where the other ad for this 'members only club' is found: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92hxYjCchKg

Selling the ability to go for a piss.

Good luck with that club. I'm sure you'll get people who believe it's their pass to penile satisfaction, of both consistencies. Actually, it's Italy. I'm surprised you have any of those passes left...

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Very weird the image that this guys have of "the best" and "exclusivity"

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So, she's available to every holder of the card? #Fail

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More Italian shite.

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Is this an ad for an exclusive brothel?

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It's an exclusive brothel with french wh*res & music! I am surprised Audrey Tautou has taken a role in this ad. Just kidding.

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I do not get this at all????

What does the card allow you to do at the mall???

Even the website listed at the end of the ad has a second ad that I think is slightly better, but still is weak.

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