Las Vegas: History of a Friendship

Advertising Agency: R&R Partners, USA
Executive Creative Director: Arnie DiGeorge
Creative Director: Schuyler Vanden Bergh
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Dan Sorgen
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Bruce Logan
Agency Producer: Dustin Oliver
Account Planner: Rick Brizzee
Production Co: Hungry Man
Director: Wayne McClammy
Editorial: Cosmo Street
Editor: Kevin Anderson
Mix: POP Sound
Music: Aaron Jaffe - Novacaine Studio
Conform: Arsenal SFX
Color: The Mill


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Bear It

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Can anyone tell me what the song is that is playing in the background of this commercial? It reminds me of M83's Midnight City. I have searched all over the internet for an answer. If anyone can tell me, I would be very grateful!! Thanks.

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All the information is listed. I too was have been looking for a full music video of this song and could not find anything. It's called "history of a friendship" by: Aaron Jaffe (novacaine studios). He has a facebook page if that helps. Oh btw as a matter of fact they did make a M83- Midnight City Version of the same commercial. I have the link here:
I'm still hoping to find a longer version of the song to download. In the M83 version it shows what year each part of the commercial takes place as they're growing up. Let me know how you like it. :-)

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I have always loved the “What happens here, stays here” Las Vegas ads, and now that I have an understanding of how they were developed and why, I have an even greater appreciation for them.

On Thursday, Randy Snow of the agency R&R partners that developed this campaign spoke to my advertising class. Snow is the Chief Strategic Officer at the agency. He explained that the idea for the campaign came from two copyrighters in his charge, and he did not kill it because he thought it could work. It has now become legendary.

People used to come to Vegas to gamble, but if that is all that people want to do, they do not need to go to Vegas anymore, Snow said. They had to figure out what else it was that drew people to Vegas, and the agency discovered that people get freedom from themselves and their daily lives in Vegas.

One of the things I have always loved about these ads is that they portray Vegas perfectly. I have been to Vegas several times and have noticed how crazy people act there – many doing or wearing unbelievable things. I always thought to myself, “I would not see this anywhere else besides in Vegas.” It seems as if when people are there they feel free to be whoever they want to be and then leave that behind when they head back to their normal lives.

This particular ad shows people leaving their ordinary lives, and then it shows them in Vegas completely transformed. Seeing them get away from their normal responsibilities to have some fun makes me think, “Hmmm, I could use a trip to Vegas.” The more people who think this while watching the ads and then plan a trip to Vegas, the more successful the campaign becomes.

The #VegasEnablers idea behind this ad depicts how the “What happens here” moments come about. It seems to be suggesting that being pushed outside your comfort zone and being willing to have a Vegas adventure is what will make those memories occur that you can just let “stay here.” I am sure everyone has that one friend who is always ready for a good time and encouraging others to join in. Like in this ad, that friend would be the one I would consider the Vegas Enabler.

Snow explained that we all have an idea and a part to play because people add their own narratives. Although I don’t see what happens in Vegas when I watch these ads, my mind is turning with thoughts of what could have happened. Painting the story of a fun time in my own mind reminds me of all of the great times I have had in Vegas, and it makes me want to go back. Drawing on these emotions is part of what I think makes these ads so effective.

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to hear Snow speak in my class. Not only did I gain a greater appreciation for this campaign, but I also gained a greater appreciation for advertising in general.

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