Lamborghini: The art of speed

Advertising Agency: Philipp und Keuntje, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Jo Marie Farwick, Diether Kerner
Art Director: Alexander Norvilas
Copywriter: Dennis Krumbe
Precision Driver: Samuel Hubinette
Directors: Jeff & Bernd
Aired: March 2009


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does LAMBORGHINI need an ad to sell it's speed?
hats to the Account

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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My thoughts exactly as I was watching this. The product sells the product more than any advert ever could.

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I try to give you an answer.
'cause this car is called "Superveloce" (in italian language "superspeed").

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Guto Araki
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Nike already used "The art of speed"... got Cannes with this even...

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great art direction ...

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very nice!!! this car bites!

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go, lady gaga, go!

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very cool
Spark of creativity |

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I should have missed something cause i think it's cheesy, i hate the 90's action movie music and the direction seems a bit to cliché.

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Couldn't agree more, thats all i could think of the whole time....I thought Top Gear had directed it lol

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the music sucks and the concept already exists in print.. (canvas full of wheel traces, HL: Self portrait - don't remember for which car though).

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And if this is supposed to be their FASTEST car yet, how come we never see it on the track?

...just spinning donuts in a dark warehouse, lol?


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So fast and boring...

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but the captions are nice though...

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That was painful. Are you kidding me, that's the idea to sell the fastest lamborghini, why so many awkward cuts?

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It need the track and high speed passes, tight cornering and some G force. This campaign misses something- heart?

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that's all that's needed.

"Our factories make cosmetics. We sell hope." -M.Factor

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Pure geniouse. If these guys were the interns.

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Nice Ad but unnecessary, what it says to me is that I might have to pay more taxes to get the roads fixed becuase some bastard was tearing it up in a lamborghini!

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waste of time and money!!!

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Yo pensaba que hiba a terminar con el "lamborghini" escrito con el "drift", pero igual esta bueno.

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Yo pensaba que hiba a terminar con el "lamborghini" escrito en el piso con el "drift", pero igual esta bueno.

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Yo pensaba que hiba a terminar con el "lamborghini" escrito en el piso con el "drift", pero igual esta bueno.

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boring ad, with beautiful copy.

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God. How could a Lambo be so boring? I'm guessing this was cut for a pomo video? It certainly isn't an ad.

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Weak. Could i just hear the car please instead of weak techno or whatever that was... Could have been done so much better. Let's focus on the car and not the asphalt. Mount that mic in the firewall. Let's hear that puppy!!

Ps. I hate Lambos

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Tommy G.
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Lamborghini doesn't need the use of advertising, they're not selling ice cream.
And this one is boring.

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