Lamato Network: Feature Spotlight #3

How do instill the idea amongst web surfing and content sharing adults (aged 32­54) that real social connections and moments happen between friends and family over a Mott¹s Clamato Caesar (an easy drinking Canadian cocktail that's a combination of tomato juice, clam juice, vodka and spices)?

The answer: hijack the online social networking phenomenon currently sweeping the globe, and twist.

Introducing the Lamato Network. The real social, social network. Designed specifically with the 30+ crowd in mind, the Lamato Network's taken the best components of other more established online social networking sites ­Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. and enhanced them to their maximum social potential. How? By ultimately encouraging you to get offline in order do these activities in person with those you care about. And what better adult beverage to enjoy these special moments with than the incredibly social Mott's Clamato Caesar.

Single feature spotlight vignettes released via the online video sharing landscape all lead the audience to where a full tour of the site's features awaited. Spoofing a wide range of social activities people of all ages now do with great vigour online (sharing photos, reconnecting with lost friends and so on), the video tour for the fake Lamato Network site ultimately revealed itself for what it was. It then directed everybody interested in learning about more genuinely social ideas to the main Mott's Clamato website for further inspiration.


Advertising Agency: Tribal DDB, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Dré Labre
Art Director: Frederik Samuel
Copywrter: Travis Sellar
Producer: Pat Elia
Account Manager: Andrew Kinnear
Production Company: Spy Films
Executive Producer: Carlo Trulli
Director: Trevor Cornish
Producer: Peter Oad
Post Production: Soho

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