Läkarmissionen: Ashamoni

Swedish Läkarmissionen is an independent foundation active all around the world since 1958. Together with local partners they help people with, for example, social care, education and assistance to self-sufficiency.

Spring Studios, Fru Marias Bageri, Rolf Knutsson
Erik Sohlström, Kent Kääntä, Fredrik Hagström, John Henriksson, Per Ohlsson

Advertising Agency: Jack Russel, Stockholm, Sweden
Account Director: Jonas Engstedt
Art Director: Mattias Flyborg
Copywriter: Viktor Olsson
Illustrator: Ulf Arkfeldt, Tina Lindholm
Production Company: Acne Production
Producer: Josefin Kollberg
Executive Producer: Pål Åsberg
Directors: Anders Forsman, Linus Johansson / Popcore
Photographer: Erik sohlström
Additional credits: Dockhus Animation, Plop, Dagljus, Dreamfield, Popcore

July 2011


Temple's picture
11031 pencils

The intentions are good and the animation is immaculate, but I fail to see an idea in this.

atb2005's picture
13561 pencils

I fail to see what you mean. The animation is good, and the idea is there.

Glut's picture
3937 pencils

totally agree with temple

Nike Diesel's picture
Nike Diesel
13431 pencils

What Glut says.

kleenex's picture
39569 pencils

nice animation.

Laimye's picture
15 pencils

Well.. Animation is definitely nice, but.. the message is not clear.. I believe i could be much better.

mariolakownacka's picture
30 pencils

great! both music and video!

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