Lacoste: Life is a beautiful sport

Advertising Agency: BETC, France
Management: Bertille Toledano, Brune Failliot, Matthieu Kuster
Executive Creative Director: Remi Babinet
Creative Director: Antoine Choque
Art Directors: Damien Bellon, Gabrielle Attia
Copywriters: Gabrielle Attia, Damien Bellon
Strategic Planning: Clement Boisseau
Traffic: Michele Bertona
TC Producer: David Green
Production Company: Wanda
Producers: Patrick Barbier, Romain Cavagnac
Sound: Schmooze
Director: Seb Edwards
Music: Discolsure - “You & Me” ft Eliza Doolittle – Flume Remix / Universal Music Publishing


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Diggin' it. Dramatized a leap of faith in a beautiful way. Don't really know what the line is doing, except confusing the concept.

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Dig it. In my opinion, the print ads don't work with this idea.

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Garry Stone
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Very confusing. Superb music though.

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love it

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Austin Video Pr...
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Fantastic. Love the way it was shot and love the concept.

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I don't see how this is confusing. I think is pretty clear. I like that is trying tu push the typical narrative a bit and goes into a less obvious storytelling. It's avery simple parallelism or metaphor though. I like it: looks great, is powerful and feels different.

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Probably one of the best tv commercial i ever seen. Congrats to the creative team.

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Google > "Laura Tarlton" > viadeo > BETC.

Thanks for your objectivity buddy.

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great work!

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2 eyeballs
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loved every second. 60 seconds just right for the emotion of first kiss attempt

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Maravilhoso! Um simples beijo num café se tornou um espetáculo visual. Todos os homens devem lembrar dessa sensação, na hora da paquera... a hora de tentar... o bom e velho "se jogue!". E o cara literalmente se joga. Foi show!
E aquela flutuada do casal no café também achei linda.

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