Koodo Mobile: Beam me up

Koodo’s latest TV commercial features green aliens moving around in stop-motion. They align to form a made-up Koodo word. When something is amiss, one of the aliens uses his Koodo phone to call the mother ship and have him beamed out of the scene.

Advertising Agency: TAXI 2, Toronto, Canada
Executive Creative Director: Lance Martin
Associate Creative Director: Jordan Doucette
Art Director: Troy McGuiness
Copywriter: Jordan Doucette
Agency Producer: Jennifer Cursio
Production House: HeadGear Animation
Director: Isaac King
Production House Producer: : Kathryn Rawson
Music House: Vapor Music
Music Producer: Jon Hurlbut
Cinematographer: Vinit Borrison
Account Director: Daniel Shearer
Account Manager: Shawna Donnelly
Media Agency: Media Experts
Aired: August 2009


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hate it soo much...

Quite really.

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love it so much...

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Stands out from the world wide telcom junk, doesn't it? Makes me want to see more like this. The pseudo-80's music piece doesn't bother me either.

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koodo is zee best

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Honestly, these commercials piss off not only myself, but everyone I have ever talked to about them... I understand sales are up, and TAXI are the ones winning all the awards.. but still guys really? any amateur can come up with a word that does not exist ad throw it into a campaign..


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This backing song is not 80's, more like a sneak peak into the electronic music of the next decade.... Space-fy electronica.....it's gonna blow all our minds !

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