Kiwi: Train

Advertising Agency: SMFB, Oslo, Norway
Creative Director: Stig Bjølbakk
Art Directors: Hans Martin Rønneseth, André Koot
Copywriters: Stig Bjølbakk, Hans Magne, Ekre Alex Gjærsøe
Other additional credits: Moland Film, Johan Skog, Niklas Frøberg
Aired: October 2008

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Nonsense all the way. the rail tracks. what does a supermarket got to do with you're personal hobbies??? for perverts, what does it do?

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By buying in Kiwi he spend less and then can buy more parts for his hobby.
Each time he puts something in the market car (don´t know the right name) more parts appear.

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before the track started i was expecting them to use 'chatanooga choo-choo'. the train taking over the room is really cool, but it's completely disconnected from the product. the shoe polish message is almost non-existent next to the "look what we can do with models" message.

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Guest commenter

is the message really "you better never leave your home, otherwise your model train will conquer the world"?
and what does that supermarket have to do with that?

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Don't know, the video doesn't work here :(

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Seriously guys. I believe it’s a grocery store, not a shoe polish. "A penny here and a penny there" = Shop at Kiwi, save money and spend it on.... well, you account people do the math.

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Nice ad.

It's entertaining, and communicates a clear message that if you shop at Kiwi you'll save money.

What's the benefit? You can spend the money you save on things you'd rather buy.

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Why so harsh? I like it a lot. Instead of always jamming the "we are the cheapest!" message in, they chose to show the benefit of going to Kiwi's. Remember: don't sell the product, sell the benefit...

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Save on a loaf of bread; spend more on track...Maybe the hobby just needed to be more hip. I don't know a lot of 20 or 30 somethings who build trains.

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But I bet there's someone with the client that does. ;)

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Good point. I ALMOST missed it though. Then...duh. He plops bread in the cart and - POW - another piece shows up. Maybe I was looking for something too complex at first.

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Very nice ideea.. and very clear message

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