KIA: Share the Road

Advertising Agency: David & Goliath, Canada
Creative Director: Israel Diaz
Copywriters: Dave Barber, Greg Buri, Abeer Verma
Producer: Brie Gowans
Art Directors: Basil Cowieson, Mike LoNam
Editorial: Bijou Editorial, Toronto, ON
Editor: Ross Birchall
Production Company: Rabbit at Radke
Director: ++jacksonkarinja
EPs: Miriana DiQuinzio, Joby Barnhart
Producer: Gillian Marr

February 2011


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Got a real soft spot for confident copy, so I have to love this, and the website text too. You guys clearly love your craft, which is a real treat. This ad shows a real knowledge of your client, and the segue from the product into the heritage was just fluid, an absolute pleasure to watch, hats off and applause to all involved, you've done your client proud with this and set a fine example of how things can be done well without bells, whistles, smoke or mirrors.

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Bit over the top there no? There's basically nothing special AT ALL about the copy. Just your average blabla about the company and the twist in the end is not a twist. Just a random everyday ad. Why is this even posted here. It's neither fresh nor creative...

Quite really.

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That's the great thing about subjectivity; I've got my own opinion, and you've got one too.

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Ron Burgundy
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nice, but this is still my fav Kia spot


although "The One With the Deer on it" is still top Ten for DnG copy driven tv spots

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Sorry, but the copy just doesn't make much sense to me. So they're going to share the road... uhm... ok. Don't all vehicles share the road? What is this about again?

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Check the change of pace when the car changes from offroad to city, from all-out nature-beater to refrained city politeness. I think it's a really neat way of giving personality to the car and responsibility to the driver. If you've ever been a cyclist in the UK, you'll know that no, not all vehicles share the road. Drivers there are under the misapprehension that they own the road and everything on it. This spot has a pretty honest feel about trying to do something about it. Maybe have a look at their website.

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The car would have been running very slow since the crew are only riding on a bicycle!

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