KIA: Blake Time Travels, 1999 Arcade

Advertising Agency: David&Goliath Los Angeles, CA, USA
Creative Director: Colin Jeffery
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Kristian Grove Moller
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Jason Rappaport
Agency Producer: Nicolette Spencer
Director: Paul Hunter
Production Company: Prettybird US

October 2012


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work and copy
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Damn athletes takin' all of the good jobs. Well done and random as hell (but a breath of fresh air from other JDPA award ads).

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This ad is boring...

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I like it. It is fun to watch.

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It's alright. Not a boring car ad, not super super funny but good enough.

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the pencil
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I've really enjoyed all of these Blake Griffen Kia ad's. They poke fun at Blake and his skills which is fun.

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