Johnnie Walker: The Journey

Advertising School: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Germany / Miami Ad School, Berlin, Germany
Creative Directors: Thomas Garber, Benjamin Entrup
Art Directors: Thomas Garber, Benjamin Entrup
Copywriter: Ralph Stieber
Photographer: Thomas Garber
Additional credits: Ralph Stieber, Thomas Garber, Benjamin Entrup
Published: 2010

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jinfan102's picture
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This commercial makes me want to transfer to Miami Ad School :(

FourT6and2's picture
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Wait, what? So if I drink Walker I'll become a crazy, dirty, homeless hitchhiker and get into fights with random people? Maybe even get to bathe in a lake somewhere? Sign me up.

Great production on this. But I'm a little lost on what it's attempting to communicate.

atb2005's picture
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You are not the only one "lost". Typical nonsense out of the Miami Ad School in Berlin.

jinfan102's picture
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I love random stuff XDDDDD I love the execution, don't know exactly what it's trying to tell me :/ *scratchz head*

bgajus08's picture
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I must admit I was wondering where this ad was going but it came together with the nice VO and slogan. Cheers, Miami.

pez's picture
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This is really strong and I like it a lot... But if you want to talk to me about Johnnie Walker, I prefer this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnSIp76CvUI
There's no real connection with the brand for me... This could be a "crazy" commercial for Wrangler too...

Glut's picture
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got nothing to do with jw

Walhaala's picture
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Very good Ad! emotional story, adventure feeling, but kind of real, and it fits perfectly to johnny walker! keep on writing!

p.s.: beginning at a corn field, hands touching the corn....like gladiator! good job!

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